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Wait, who?

Sam Wade is a comedian, content creator and podcaster
based in old Sydney town.

After selling out his debut hour Inner World at Sydney Fringe in 2018, he has gone on to crush at the Sydney Comedy Festival with Mind Cave in 2021 and Vs The Void in 2022.

He has guest starred and script consulted for hit DnD-based web series 1 For All, garnering a cult following amongst its 600k-strong audience.

As of 2021, he is also a co-runner, and regular performer at StandOUT Comedy, Sydney’s favourite weekly comedy night.

Using his marketing and content know-how, he has built an invested community and regular audience who come week in, week out.

He also has Autism, loves talking about neurodivergence, and has a laugh that has been described as “an obnoxious honk, like a goose being used as a bagpipe”.

Whether on stage, on screen or just laughing in the back of a room, Sam Wade is a guaranteed good time.


Upcoming Gigs

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Upcomin Gigs

Doing things

Stand up

Me, a microphone and an audience.


Fancy lights, animation, music and shallow depth of field.



(Currently on hiatus)


"A deep, intelligent, perceptive, lateral thinker who keeps the audience engaged ... far more talented than many household-name comedians who fill large rooms."

Sydney Chic

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